Who watches Benidorm?

Found 6th Nov 2009
Who's your favourite character?

If you don't watch it then what's your favourite tv programme?


I hardly watch it but I like the Granny

madge is the best have you seen her latest hairr doo ! classic

someone dies tonight - so ive heard.

Coolio :thumbsup:

Love the Swingers as well, right dirty pair they are :w00t:

Original Poster

Who dies?!

I bet it's the Oracle's mum.:cry:

Oh defo Madge, get the trampoline bit last time, laughed till I cried

The oracle and the 2 gay guys, class

all of them


madge is the best have you seen her latest hairr doo ! classic

This is one my favourite programmes!!!!! I just love it and my son does too.

But without a doubt Madge is my favourtie - and omg they have picked the perfect partner for her ..............MEL !!!!!!! he is fabulous

What about that big billboard he had advertising his business................YOU DONT HAVE TO BE A CRIPPLE TO ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY:w00t:

and when he wears that leopard skin thong for swimming :giggle:

used to watch it, i just think its boring and unfunny now tbh, but i think Jonny Vegas is the best
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