who went to Afrika Afrika free?

Found 12th Mar 2008
Got my ticket confirmation for tomorrow - worst day of the week for me but gonna try my very best to get there!

Just wondered - should I try and get there early so that I will get better seats or are they pre-allocated so it makes no difference what time I get there?

Anyone know?



the seats are allocated

I went in the first round and they were not pre allocated. They just took tickets from a pile. I think it is pot luck to be honest.

Don't worry, it is Wednesday , about half of the places will be empty so plenty of seat choices if you don't like where you are allocated. However arrive early and get yourself some decent food in a relax fashion before you get to the Tented Palaces i.e. in the O2 Arena. Inside the tent there is only one restaurant whereas in the O2 there are about 15 Restaurants to choose from. The popcorn is £4 a portion. It is a good ten mins walk from the North Greenwich station.

I really liked the 'African' food on sale in the tented area and sitting eating it on cushions was the best part of the evening for me. Drinks in the tented area are really expensive.
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