Who went to Renault World Series at Silverstone Sunday 5th July ???

    We attempted to leave the car park at 4pm. What time doi you think we actually got out onto the road??

    Did anyone else suffer parking and driving problems?


    Went on the Saturday - left the car park at 4.30pm, on the road outta there in 10 mins, maybe less . . . . . .

    Was pleasantly surprised!



    Went on the Saturday - left the car park at 4.30pm, on the road outta … Went on the Saturday - left the car park at 4.30pm, on the road outta there in 10 mins, maybe less . . . . . . Was pleasantly surprised!

    yes but you were on your moped :w00t::p

    We left Saturday at 6 and got out no problem! We were also surprised to get out so easily.


    yes but you were on your moped :w00t::p

    That's a strange nickname for ma Audi . . . . .

    was it any good there? I gave my tickets to my brother and his family to go, haven't rung him yet to see what it was like

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    There was all out confusion, lack of organisation in getting cars out, and giving any priority to any of the lanes of cars. It took us 3 hrs to move a mere 30ft. I kid you not!!!!! It was a joke. Finally got home at 9pm after a 30min drive from Silverstone, so a massive 4h 30mins queuing !!!

    We won't be going again.

    It took my brother an hour and a half to get out. lol



    That's a strange nickname for ma Audi . . . . .

    audi scooter

    We arrived Friday and stayed the whole weekend....We left Hamiltons Field campsite @ 5pm Sunday, arrived home @ 9.45pm..... Traffic on the A43 horrendous, the rest of the way missus driving :w00t:

    Glad I went saturday by all accounts!

    dad went saturday but decided not to wear sun cream he now is off work with sun burn, which has blistered, covered his head and arms in blisters that keep bursting

    says he enjoyed it tho (he was sat on the first corner next to the barrier)

    We went to leave at about 5 on Sunday from the carpark opposite the main entrance. We were sitting there for 3/4 hour not moving. Cars were being let out of the main carpark and also the ones further along the road but instead of managing the traffic it was chaos as Kyalion mentionned.
    Someone else had obviously got fed up as well and gone for a recce and found that if you go through into the next field it took you out to the camp site next door. 5 mins later we were out on the road and 5 mins after that on the by-pass.
    A great big thank you to whoever that was for finding the shortcut, saved us from hours of queueing, and a big thumbs down to the (dis)organisers

    Went on the Sunday. Signs on the A road said officials in RH lane, spectators in LH lane. At next roundabout everybody was coming off, so nobody realised that we actually needed the next exit. After 20 minutes a steward came out and started waving people on, so when we got to Silverstone there was no traffic whatsoever. I pity the peole who actually made it off at the wrong exit, I don't know where they ended up but I could see them all queueing single file going the wrong way! Basically some more road signs would have helped.
    Left after the Formula Renault 3.5 race as I didn't fancy sitting and watching cars just driving past me any more, but it was OK. Glad we saw the F1 car.

    Third year in a row we have been and have never had a problem with traffic.

    We never stay until the end though, especially on the main race day on sunday.

    Highlight once again was the F1.

    Standing at the corner of copse, hearing and then seeing it fly down the home straight and through copse corner is amazing.

    Always a good day out.
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