Who would win a foobtall match between legends XI or a current XI?

    In there prime?

    i.e van basten, cruyff etc


    if by current XI we mean just players in the world, playing as they are now vs players spanning over the last 50 years it'd have to be legends. however, players of the 21st century at their peak vs before i'd go with current.

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    Yeah like over the last 50 years..

    ask paul the octopus?

    depends really, what ball/boots do they play with and the refs modern style or old style.
    todays players would not compete with old style boots and balls, could you see a modern player head a mitre 5 or even worse a bladder that is wet. they would hit the deck faster than ronaldo when someone sneezes in his direction. plus players were alot harder in the 60s, 70s & 80s.
    legends with a modern ref, they would all be sent off. with an old ref, modern players would be carried off.

    Definitely current for me, today's game is much faster paced the old players wouldn't be able to keep up. Yes there were exceptions from yesteryear but these days most of a modern team (Engalnd excluded) can run at pace with the ball with quick one touch pass and go style football. Great players of teams gone by have played in a much slower paced team and that's why they have stood out as being special. Perhaps that's why the big stars did not really shine at this competetion because the rest of the team have caught up.


    of course legends would win as you have 50 years to pick the best players
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