Who would you go with Sky or BT?

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Found 17th Oct 2016
Hi, I need to change over since I cancelled Virgin due their prices. Any feedback would be useful.


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I have sky fibre pro and bt infinty in 2 houses.......can go wrong with either......had sky for many many years and just joined BT this year from a cheap Talk Talk offer that was abysmal

BT / Sky either way u wont go wrong

I've recently switched from BT to Sky, and both customer service and the speed/consistency of the broadband has been light years ahead. That said, my partner has BT at her house, and aside from lingering issues from setting it up (not paying sign up bonuses) that are still going on, the broadband has been good.

Never had any issues with Sky (or any previous broadband supplier). I've just changed to BT as a better offer was available and and also Sky don't do mobile which I've also switched to BT.

I just moved from sky to BT just to try it (BT Sports have a lot of things I like), plus BT gave me £125 preloaded MasterCard and I got £125 quidco.

Went from basic non-HD sky plus fibre unlimited. I now have BT Ultra HD tv package, their infinity 2 fibre. I even added the top Netflix package and am still cheaper than Sky was.

That being said, the equipment is poor quality, the BT channels choice isn't great (I got it for the sports) even the tv guide is a step down from sky. I have even had to reset and rescan twice so far isn't he past month because the channels that stream over the Internet keep dropping off.

Internet is very good, but so was Sky fibre.

In a nutshell, good for the sports & HD/Ultra HD, but after 12 months I will be trying to get a Sky deal (or one of those dodgy unlocked boxes from a guy up an alley
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TalkTalk :O)


TalkTalk :O)


TalkTalk :O)

Dropouts on my TT fibre is a pain and will be taking advantage of the recent price increase to ditch them

If you are thinking of moving, I suggest you wait for the Black Friday deals in November



Moved from TalkTalk fibre (which was rubbish) to BT fibre a year ago, and BT has been brilliant. Very quick and reliable, even at peak times.

It does not really matter which one you go for. Both BT and Sky use same infrastructure i.e. BT Openreach one for delivery of broadband to your house. Having said that BT has a little advantage of having the same parent company as Openreach and so there will a little and I am sure you wont really notice difference in speed. I have had both and BT use to be little faster but not to the level you would have really noticed. I would go for anyone that has got the best deal. After all, your questions is on HUKD (All about deals).

Been with Sky BB unlimited only ( don't watch TV ) for three years. In that time had two Shutdowns for maintenance never had a single drop out.

Sky have been flawless with me, Had bt in the past and their CS was appalling, Indian call centers and had speed issues, This might have changed now but not very good memories tbf.

Both Sky and BT have been equally as good when I was with them, both times fibre. Never had a need to call customer services because there was no problems at all, received my sign up vouchers and cashback no problems on both occasions.

Neither lol both traffic shape at peak times

Depends on area. I had sky speed was awful and fair play to them they told me bt woukd be better where i live. I swapped my net to bt and kept my sky tv which i get my bt sports on aswell


Neither lol both traffic shape at peak times

No they do not.


Neither lol both traffic shape at peak times

Sky don't, Not sure about BT.


Sky don't, Not sure about BT.

BT don't

Going from Sky to BT, how long can I keep using my Sky.com email address?

Neither Sky or BT ever traffic shape

BT has higher set up costs than Sky

BT will charge £130 for an engineer to visit if it's deemed not their fault.

BT's 52mb same/similar price to sky's 38mb.

Both rock solid from experience

Virgin for Broadband, Sky for TV. Best of both worlds...

As long as your area isn't oversubscribed no-one else comes close to Virgin's broadband speeds.

BT for broadband, and sky for TV.


Virgin for Broadband, Sky for TV. Best of both worlds...As long as your … Virgin for Broadband, Sky for TV. Best of both worlds...As long as your area isn't oversubscribed no-one else comes close to Virgin's broadband speeds.

He is leaving Virgin because of their price increases.


He is leaving Virgin because of their price increases.

So did i but i still saved by ditching just virgin TV, keeping the virgin broadband and rejoinng Sky for just TV

My new customer offer with Virgin had ended seeing my big Kahuna deal price increase from £35pm to full £75pm
So I kept Virgin BB (reducing speed from 200Mbps to 100Mbps but still faster than the 25Mbps I can get through openreach fibre), dropped Virgin TV and got a sky half price for 12mths deal (with no 12m contract) on boxsets bundle.

Now paying £45pm for Sky TV and Virgin Broadband, Always worth remembering you don't have to take all services from one provider. sometimes it fits better to take different services from different providers.
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