Whoops broke my 360 battery pack when throwing the pad at the wall in a fit of rage.

    Was playing the glitchy and "broken" game Sonic The Hedgehog on my 360 after many stupid deaths due to invisible ledges or not being able to stop in time or not being able to see where I jump as the camera angle chanjes a lot I got to the final level.

    Which is so "cheap" as there are enemys that are magnetic and if you touch them you die right away but they are huge meaning its hard to eacape, got really far then kept dying same part.

    Threw my controller against the wall and cracked the battery pack open.

    Which means no more 360 till I get a new one as I dont want to spend an hour or two looking for the old battery casing.

    Oh well


    Well at least you didnt throw the pad into your tv, could have a lot worse

    wow strong-riod rage.

    thanks for sharing that:?

    Original Poster

    I would of thrown it at my tv but its a HD one so didnt want to risk damaging it and hey who cares about my walls who are already full of marks as havent been decorated in years lol

    Nice avatar andy108uk

    I keep looking hoping they get out

    I prefer hitting my sofa when a game annoys me, less damage :O

    or the nearest person

    Glad its not just my son that did this!!!!!!!

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    Its like the first game in about 10 years or more that has done that to me due to sloppy design and it was a rushed release.

    Imagine playing a level that takes about 25 minutes to the final part then dying like 8 times in 30 seconds.

    Not good lol
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