whos best to fly to the USA with BA or Virgin?

I am off on a little round trip in June.

the flights are, London to Vegas, Vegas to Miami then Miami to London.

We are just looking at who to fly with and the interstate flight will be with AA, sadly when we went last year we did not sign up to the club or we could have upgraded.

Anyway we have a choice between Virgin and BA to fly out and back, the price seems to be very similar and i just wondered what people thought of the two airlines are better?

Let me know.



Virgin for me, they are excellant in all ways


Virgin, being BA are just going down in standards

virgin x

Virgin all the way..

If the prices are very similar, I would go with Virgin


i always go to america with delta or continental!!
great prices and great flights and service
also get a better luggage allowence!!


but Virgin are sooo expensive, ive just priced for us to go to Orlando … but Virgin are sooo expensive, ive just priced for us to go to Orlando fly drives 26th July for 14 days and they come in at £3071.00 and that doesnt include car insurance .BA for the exact same dates £2363.00 including full car insurance. both flying direct from heathrow 2 adults and 1 child

dont book through virgin direct we have just come back from vegas and virgin website wanted silly prices for the flights, we booked the same flights via expedia and saved a small fortune - virgin all the way for me i was so impressed constant food and an open bar all free excellent service gifts for the little one just all round great

Virgin,much higher standard/service than BA on virtually every route

Economy is comparable with BA World Traveller plus or whatever its called


virgin has an extra 1" seat pitch over BA


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thanks for the feedback guys. looks like virgin is the answer for hukd'ers i will go through and rep now.


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it woudlnt let me rep everyone in this 24hours so will do the ones i aint tomorrow.

i have now got another option which is american airlines. (AA)

I came back from New York on Monday and I thought BA were pretty decent to be honest. Plenty of free food and drinks, can't really complain about them. We used to fly long haul with them as kids, because my old man worked for them. We he left we started using Emirates, and they were very good.

Never flown Virgin, but if you have no choice and get landed with BA, I'm sure you'll be in good hands!

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we went with AA last year the only gripe or slight complaint was that the films were the same coming back as going. i woudl have liked it if they had changed. i ended up watching dark knight 3 times on that return trip lol.

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You don't get to choose what you watch? BA and Quantas have on demand … You don't get to choose what you watch? BA and Quantas have on demand entertainment, you just choose films and watch what you want, when you want from a huge list.

yeah but it had not been updated and in a 11 hour flight (LA) i had watched all of what i wanted too out of the selection.
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