Who's clever with Vodafone price plans?

    Arghhh its so hard finding information out on their website! Basically I want to know how much it will cost me to send a text message from here in the UK to a mobile number in Australia (registered there with the +61 code). All I can find is how much calls and texts cost when I'm abroad and calling back to the UK! Grrrr.

    Anyone know/ideas? Thank you!!!


    should be the same price. If you called would be the same price for you..

    but if you call they will pay to receive the call...but its usually less than if they call you!

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    I know its free to receive a text abroad (because you never know when you are going to receive one, or where it is from). You can choose to ignore/reject a call. In my case I am knowingly sending a message to a foreign number, so it must cost more. Like when you are in France, for example, and send a message to a UK number back home - knowingly sending a text to a foreign number therefore costing more than usual.

    Have I just answered my own question here? I think the above example costs 35p instead of 12p (or inclusive text). Hmmmmm......
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