Who's getting an N96 16GB?

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Found 14th Sep 2008
Due for release next month.

Is it really going to seriously rival the HTC and iPhone?

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Hopefully it will upset the iPhone lovers

Looks quality!!

Whats the best contract deal with these ?

It's going to be expensive handset only! But hopefully knock down the prices of older handsets like the 8Gb N95.

It looks nasty lol. Iphone all the way lmao.

Nah but if the n95 8gb does go down in price ill probably buy one just to use aside with my iphone.

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Whats the best contract deal with these ?

It'll probably only be out on Vodafone exclusively to start off with. As mentioned, will be very expensive to start off with on an 18 month contract with having to pay for the handset additionally.

Please Nokia just give me an iPhone class browser, slimmer casing and 10 less menus on every action...

How much will it be?

Mobile Phones Direct with Vodafone doing it free on a £45 p/m contract ]here

looks great!

I'm due a new contract at the moment, might hang on a couple of weeks until this baby comes out before I renegotiate!

same here, o2 ending end of october, was going to go simple phone just a good browsing contract but shall wait now lol

Nice phone, dont like it as much might up up for sale on here tommorrow? :thumbsup:

What about samsung I8510 surely its a contender


It looks amazing

You just simply cannot compare high spec N series phones to the I-DEVICE!

They are worlds apart..the I-Phone is a media playing device with communication, picture taking and internet useage thrown in as an after thought...No one short of a child or an image conscious lacky would fall for such a weak marketing ploy....Outside of its beautiful screen and all-frills navigation..the device is at least 3 years too late.

The camera technology is around 3 years out of date, 3g is around 5 years late and they were not the first to use a touch screen. It is soooooooooo limited in functionality it's scary.

No....truely only a MUG would buy an I-phone..

N Series comes with practically everything and more...HSDPA (leaves regular 3G in the dust for lightning internet speeds)....a built in GPS receiver, high quality 5MP camera that takes DVD quality video footage, an FM transmitter (i-phone users probably won't know what that is), 3.5mm headset connector, can be connected to the TV...not only does it come with 16GB of internal memory but also is expandable with the use of memory cards but best of all is tha fact that it is a "FULLY" functioning phone. On the N-series there really is too much to say...my only gripe with the N96 is that they did not include an Xenon flash..and to remain ahead of the pack on every feature they really should have uprated the Camera to 8MP.

It plays multimedia as well..certainly not far behind the i-phone in this regard but you do need to have an IQ equivalent to that of an average chimp......to work it out!

I also use my Nokia N-series (N82) as a modem for ligtning internet speeds on my Laptop when out and about..but I wouldn't expect your average i-poo user to know how to do that!

Go for an N96 withouth thinking..Just make sure you upgrade the firmware and learn how to make complete use of the phones amazing features.

If you must be seen with an Apple device..my advice to you is get an i-touch for media and a great camera phone for communication and snaps..something like the soon to be release Sony Ericsson C905. (I say this because you would not want to carry a large phone (n-series devices) AND an I-touch)

Otherwise for an all singing all dancing mobile phone..the Nokia N96/N82 really do not have competition..




Please Nokia just give me an iPhone class browser, slimmer casing and 10 … Please Nokia just give me an iPhone class browser, slimmer casing and 10 less menus on every action...

Download opera mini? :?

I downloaded Opera mini today to try o the N95, really impressed with it, thousand times better than the original browser.

also plumped for the n95 against the n96.

600 mins 1000 texts "unlimited" browsing for 20 a month free phone, hard to turn it down lol

HTC Tytyn2/Kaiser anyone?

Surely the HTC trumps the iphone and any of the nokias.
I mean imagine not even being able to send a picture message.
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