Who's getting the xperia play

    Who's getting the xperia play due to be released 31/3/11

    What's everyones expectations opinions on the mobile gaming device?


    I would get one if they'd gone for a dual core cpu, think i'll probably just hold on and see what comes out later this year, maybe a Motorola Atrix or LG Optimus 2X. Although I'm still a little tempted by the play!
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    Some views in this thread:

    PSP 2 Revealed....



    New ads are look cool


    I expect it to fail.

    Depends if they sell enough units to have a user base to make it worth it for developers to create games.

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    Had a read through the review seems decent but not overly great bit mixed,
    Still not put me off getting one, can't wait for it to arrive this week

    I'm really hoping for gran turismo 2 on the xperia play, along with a few other titles like toca g police , die hard trilogy .......

    If not may go down homebrew route for them,

    If there is a play 2.0 I would presume it would be after NGP release and psp games being available on play 2.0 ( possibility )
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