Who's going tonight-Rex or Belinda? Do you really care???

    Who do you think will go tonight?
    To be honest- does anyone really care bout this series of BB?


    not really i dont vote but id like to see belinda belinda belinda out


    Love Rex's dry sense of humour and winding people up

    Get Rex Out



    BelindaLove Rex's dry sense of humour and winding people up

    Have to agree, so I think it'll be Belinda. :thumbsup:

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    I think that Belinda will probably go, but I think Rex is either a nasty peice of work or a very good tactical game player! To be honest, I think its gotta be the first cus I dont reckon that ANYONE who signs up to be on BB has the brains to be a decent tactician!!:x (mmn-but what does the fact that I have been watching the crud say about me?!:oops:)

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    BelindaLove Rex's dry sense of humour and winding people up

    He is dry for a bling encrusted drip!

    I don't watch it so don't care.

    Yet im still taking the time to post in this thread.... damn... i must be bored :?

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    I hate it but strangely I am drawn to it............................:oops::oops:

    belinda has to go shes so false and nauseating, but omg wont they vote cookie to go anyone else HATE katreya

    It's got to be Belinda, she's so annoying.

    And Rex is really funny. Plus he annoys Becky which is a massive bonus...

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    they are all dimwits as far as I am concened but my special person to hate is Becks!!! That fxxxxing woman gets on my nerves BIG TIME!!!:x Common scum IMO!!

    Belinda is on her way out ...

    belinda to go :thumbsup: next week hope it's either becs or that old woman luke :lol:

    Just had a call through, throw your house and kids on Belinda to go tonight, it is guaranteed.

    macintyre (the comedian) is so funny!

    Oh yes indeedy...

    Becks is like a chicken...

    You wouldn't mind wringing it's neck for a McNugget!

    In answer to the OPs orginial question..............No, I don't really care


    zibee do day da da da dee dobbie da day bum da de da b b b b belinda to go

    She's gotta go........................................

    belinda out, I cant stand all the thespian lovey dovey stuff. She does my suede in

    OMG watch BB now davina has huge camel toe yuck!
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