Who's in the know on this PS2 custom memory card thingymabob?

    Got a mate who wants to play some "backups" on his PS2 and I remember someone posting a link on here not too long ago to some memory card based solution.

    This would be ideal, if not I'll get the old soldering iron out and perform more of a hardware solution.

    Anyone in the know and can point me in the right direction? I'm quite up on my 360's and Wii's but not PS2s...


    It's quite easy but you need a hard drive in your console for it to be of any real use

    Have a read ]here

    Edit - You don't need a hard drive a USB flash drive is fine to run most things

    theres this search engine called :thinking: google try that

    if not have a look on afterdawn, can't remember if its or .com think its com

    google "swap magic"

    He isn't talking about swap magic

    He isn't talking about swap magic

    just thinking it was another alternative :thumbsup:

    Has it got anything to do with FreeVast eh??

    Yes I am the go to man but moderators have asked me not to talk about it on these forums. However I don't see any harm in doing it via PM.
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