Whos Up this early and can help me? :]

    Well I recently got my gal to get me a Sony Ericsson W350i off, Reason being is that shes bringing it over to Australia for me in December. I'm aware that the phones locked to Orange and if I were to bring it to Australia it would be locked still to Orange right? And remaining on Internation Roaming right? I'm no phone genius lol, Anyways I was looking on Deal Extreme and saw this…480

    Would that SIM Unlock allow me to use an Australian SIM Card in my phone or does it simply only Unlock UK SIM Cards? Cheers for replys if i get any


    I don't know anything about those unlock sims but the easiest option I think would be either your GF pops into an store / stall in her nearest town that does unlocking, or you'll find one handy where you are either should only cost £10max and unlock the phone to any network any country (I take it the phone is Tri-band?).

    I've just looked on the comments and a W350i user says that these work for them ?;…167

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