whose at fault?

    Well i went to the leicester royal for my hysterectomy today.
    How well i seem after such a major op, i here you think.

    Well at 11.30 they say i go down at 2pm.
    At 2,3o they tell me my records have been sent to some hossy ive never even been too.
    Im at the lri every couple of months for eye infirmary.
    At 5,30 they discharge me cos even that hossy cant find my notes.
    Who would have sent my notes. Ive been told to complain as my surgeon will be too.
    But whose at fault.
    Emotionally im a wreck but i think only the ladies here will understand that. Itsd a fiorced hysterectomy and not from choice.

    Feel like a comedy or somat.


    contact pals at the hospital they will take you through the whole process.

    Having surgery canceled at last minute is not nice hope it goes ahead soon and goes well xx

    Dont know what to say, thats awful.[/IMG]

    Original Poster

    thank you so much i have emailed pals now.
    Thank you for the flower. Im in shock to be honest.
    They even mislaid my pee sample, doesnt fill you with trust dioes it ?
    Hubby took 2 weeks off work all for nothing.
    Everything was arranged around this op.
    They said they have to op within next 2 weeks but ill have to rearrange every thing. im lost

    I have been there is so hard to rearrange hubby and work etc I have little faith in hospitals but great faith in my surgeon luckily and your's sounds good due to the fact he will put in a complaint too.

    Hope you sort it out the best you can hun :friends::friends:
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