Found 16th May 2009
Thought i'd start a thread to se who plays on Xbox Live seeing as there is loads of Xbox trading.

List your gamertag below and also what games you play online and let's see if a community arises.

My gamertag is: Risky Biskit

Games i play:

COD 4, COD 5, Gears of War 2, Street Fighter 4


you can't post this on here!

Original Poster Banned

Whoops.. Moving to misc thread

Original Poster Banned


you can't post this on here!

Damn, your quick

Junkenstein 73 - fifa09 & cod5 mainly


Cod 4 and currently terrible on Fifa 09. Can't believe how bad I am at it


Cod 5, cod 4, Fable

can add skelly360
tend to play left for dead, call of duty 4 & 5 currently playing battlestations pacific

Dannyb0yUK, games I'm playing always varies and half the time I'm just watching vids these days but feel free to add!

Original Poster Banned

Awesome. Will add everyone. All the people that have the same games, will be good to get in a party and see whose the champ.. ;-)

Quite a few peeps have COD 4...

Mr DSP;5232697

Damn, your quick

Mate there are people on here that are only here to click that report button, i call them 'prowlers'

Geezer Of War
(guess what my favourite game is!)

Original Poster Banned


Mate there are people on here that are only here to click that report … Mate there are people on here that are only here to click that report button, i call them 'prowlers'

LOL. Sounds like the name given to old men in the park offering sweets to children...



Geezer Of War(guess what my favourite game is!)

star wars:?



star wars:?seriously mate, are you psychic........freaky!:w00t::roll:

Original Poster Banned

I was gonna say... Geezer of war?

I don't get it... Stuntman i bet! :?


pro evo 6 champ and awful at everyithng else (except maybe halo 3)

any advice on wether i should get cod etc as im not sure if it would be to my taste ? i love halo 3.


Gt = Conscept

Call of duty 4.
and call of duty 4 only online

fifa 09.....cod5....

SuperCanaries - Fifa 09, COD4, COD5

James FSUK

Just getting good at SF4 before I start playing it on live Played once and got hammered


Op = Suspended for posting in wrong forum

Thats harsh

Gamertags "Serious Business"

xZoeBx - I only play Bomberman though!


COD3 - usually Poisson map.
If you see me on FIFA09 it'll be my 8 year old son playing. He'll kick your butt.:roll:
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