Whose on xbox live?


    I thought i'd find out who from HUKD are on live. Also if you wish to bolster your friends list then people could post their gamer tag and games they play, so i'll start it off:

    Tag >> MESOIONIC (Don't ask why)

    Games i play online, in order of frequency at present time)

    Rainbow 6 vegas
    Gears of War
    Command and conquer
    COD 2
    Project Gotham
    Perfect dark

    So feel free to add me if you want :thumbsup:


    I had xbox live but it ran out 21st and i wont be getting a renewal till halo 3 is released

    Because Halo is sooooooooo good isnt it lol

    Never understood the interest in that game its fun but not for offline

    Mine is J4CKL4W. Will add you when my 360 comes back from repair.


    I did have until I was banned.

    Oh mines dandoc2 btw


    Not adding any of you


    Not adding any of you

    ha ha ha :-D touche


    mines Lil Donnee

    mine is II B 3 N N Y II

    I play GRAW 2, GoW, Pro Evo, Saints Row mainly on live

    I only play XBLA arcade games like Turtles and Street Fighter 2 and UMK3 cant wait till Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo is released.

    Original Poster

    never played siants row online, but i have it. What do you do?

    I have tried to play Saints row online.But as it requires a certain amount of players to start the game, you end up sitting in the lobby for ages (up to a hour sometimes)

    mines :


    i mainly play rainbow6,graw1 and 2 online and yes im a girl and will kick most of you fellas asses:whistling: :giggle: :giggle:
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