Whot do ui get my mom and dad

    Well there u have it whot the hell do i get them there in there 50's

    Help :giggle:


    Do they watch deal or no deal?...maybe a game based on that?
    or a similar dvd game with something they do like....that is if they have a dvd player?

    I got my other halfs parents a trip on the london eye and a meal on the boats that go up and down the thames....maybe that would appeal or something similar?

    How much do you want to spend?

    There is also the other method of asking them if there is anything they would like you to could always buy something small extra to actually unwrap on the day.

    My mum is 60 next year and would make great use of a nice voucher for hair or beauty step-dad would enjoy a race night dvd game...

    Just depends what they would enjoy...


    Cant make any suggesting having not known them, but heres what i have for the parents... might inspire you.

    Big fluffy dog - "teddy"
    Jewelerry Box (she's needed one for ages)

    Planning to get a DivX DVD Player
    Maybe a bottle of Bailey's

    Can you see who's being favoured this year? :P not intentional... Mum needs a lot of cheering up though with the stress of Xmas.
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