...has asking for a migration kit for the 360 been banned?

See post 1.

MOD has said its a prohited item. Since when has helping someone upgrade to larger HD been a bad thing. Am I missing something?


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Yes he wasn't trying to buy one


The data migration kits don't appear to be available to buy new (ie not from ebay) & I would think that this rule therefore applies in the FS/T Forum as well ? :

(10) You must NOT list items for sale at higher than the recommended … (10) You must NOT list items for sale at higher than the recommended retail price. The marker of RRP will be determined by cross indexing with Amazon or other well known retailer. Profiteering is NOT permitted from items previously found at a lower price in the 'Deals' or ANY forum here.* Vouchers available as non transferable or with next to no resale value, such as 0.001p for example [COLOR="DarkRed"]and generally available free items etc. must NOT be offered for sale or trade[/COLOR].

Plus they are issued to an owner on the basis of an xbox360 serial number which the new buyer/trader wouldn't have

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Does that mean that your not allow give them away or loan them then as OP never asked for sale or trade??

Also 48hr codes tend to be free but are in as wanted posts all the time surely its harmless as obody is profitting from it


I think it's okay to give away the free 48hr codes in MISC as they weren't issued with conditions attached, while the kits are conditionally linked to a specific serial number when applying for them from Microsoft.

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Thats a bit of a poor explanation really, its like saying you can't sell a 360 if you've been made registered user.

Just thought it weird to be locked when other users lend out these kits all the time including a number of ppl today


If it had been posted in MISC I don't think it would have been picked up on - but anything trader like or requesting a service will also be flagged in the FS/T Forum. Any 'freebie' postage only requests should always go in MISC btw.

migration kits are also included with some (not all) larger hard drives sold seperately, so not on a per serial number basis, so someone may buy the cheaper larger hard drive without a transfer kit or buy one second hand without it, its not like you can do anything prohibited or mod your console with it.

people have been lending these on here since the elite came out as the delay from microsoft was getting really big. nothing has changed so i don't see the reason for a change in rules
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