Why do posts get killed within minutes of it being posted when there is no logical reason that I can see?
    I cant read the post to check either,
    However in this case I'm talking about the post titled

    "Whats the best and faster router to use with Virgin Broadband?
    POSTED BY: peterjmay 7 minutes ago"

    It's not like he was asking what modem he could use, or how could he get or sell a virgin modem, as we know Virgin owns those so you cannot buy or sell them.

    He asked what's the best router to use with Virgin broadband?

    This is a perfectly reasonable question and its not illegal, immoral or wrong to want to use any router with Virgins broadband,

    the fact they now supply one in most cases is irrelevant, people prefer specific makes and some makes work better than others.

    Its nothing to do with Virgin what router you use, as long as you use their modem.

    In fact before they started supplying their own routers they used to advertise the fact you can buy a router and attach it to their broadband cable modems.

    If you call Virgin and ask can you use your own router, you get told yes you can but they wont support it if it develops a problem.
    Same as you can use any computer with any operating system.

    Long as you dont interfere with or want to buy or sell Virgin owned equipment, what you do with the equipement is up to you.


    Don't know why it was spammed but why didn't they just carry on in the original thread.

    I was selling an old virgin router and that didnt get banned. Virgin/NTL boxes cant be sold but routers can as far as i know. So as for asking for advice, no idea why that'd get removed.


    As above, it's been member spammed as a duplicate

    Original Poster

    ah it makes sense now, he posted it twice just slightly different titles.

    It would have made more sense to most people to close the thread with a link to the original than remove it, wouldnt that be easier than have people assuming it was removed for no reason?

    Thanks JB by the way for letting us know
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