Found 6th Jul 2010
why have most users got the chatty badge?
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cos its how many comments u made
but i haven't mae 500

ChattyDo you love to talk? Earn the yellow level Chatty badge when you … ChattyDo you love to talk? Earn the yellow level Chatty badge when you leave 100 comments on other people's threads. Leave over 500 comments to earn the orange level Chatty badge. If you leave 1000 comments or more, you'll be rewarded with a red level Chatty badge, for people who have a lot to say


i had over 1k n i only got yellow
Me too - round about 15k!!!
I guess it's another bug that needs to be sprayed with pesticide.
*insert appropriate smilie*
ahhh chesso, there you are, i can;t find anything on here atm ;D
Luckily I have the photo thread in my Recent Activity, which just shows threads you started at the moment!
Mind you I haven't got any new pics - I am busy 'doing ' a new shed and decorating. Hence I am shattered and off to bed in a minute.
I have the Calendar thread bookmarked in my favs on IE.
It's all a bit of nightmare and I spent quite a lot of time on the 'practice' site previous to it coming into full being. All these problems weren't there but some were - like no 50 threads per page.
I expect they will get it all sorted. You could give them some tips flumpy.

Hope that this general chat is OK in a thread about chat. *smile smilie*
I thought they had given me a few more post so i had the 500 one lol.
It's bug at the moment. Everyone has the yellow chatty badge.
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