why am i being banned from for sale/trade?

Found 22nd Feb 2010
i dont see why your banning me? what have i done wrong? seem like your just looking for reasons to ban me....even though what you have said isn't true about me ignoring you can you that please let me have that as a warning? it's a bit extreme banning me completly for something you've never said i weren't allowed to do?
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speak to mods mate, why post a topic on it?
that's how i feel for real....they coming up with all sorts of excuses to try ban me..

speak to mods mate, why post a topic on it?

cause i have and im being ignored.

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lol, i'm on it now
Please use the main ']Contact Us' link if you wish to discuss directly any trading restrictions that may have been applied to your account. Do not start any further forum threads regarding the matter.

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