Why am I colder at 4pm

    Ok so I want to know how come when I leave my house in a morning around 8am temperature is around 4 or 5C I don't feel the cold yet when I leave work around 4pm and it is about 9C I feel really cold?



    youve been in a cold difference is minimal in afternoon you have been in a warm shop/office all day


    Maybe that your house is cold in the morning so when you leave you don't notice temp difference but your work is a lot warmer than outside temp so you notice it more?


    body temperature does vary throughout the day, same as blood pressure

    maybe you need a boost to your blood sugar, have a nice cuppa 1/2 hours before you leave work

    4pm must be when you have a low, some people have that low around 1-3pm and can nap, but i guess your boss wont let you

    Morning - Freezing my nuts off
    Afternoon - Freezing my nuts off
    Evening - Freezing my nuts off

    Hurry up summer, please.

    if you work with computers they radiat a **** load of heat!!!

    Just put the heating on!


    Maybe your lower on energy after work and feel the heat more ? Also most offices are heated and you feel the difference a lot more. Like when you soak your hand in cold water, and one in warm water, when you put them in hot water the one that has been in cold water will feel much warmer.


    It's all psychosomatic - the life force has been drained from you during the day!!

    If you have a shower before you leave the house your bpdy temp will be considerably higher than after work.
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