Why am I getting these bubbles in my paint? Advice please...

Found 5th Aug 2010
I'm painting my daughters bedroom and keep getting these bubbles appearing in the paint. Any ideas why? It's B&Q 1 coat emulsion (needs 3 coats) is it me? Is it the paint? Using a new roller so not been washed with water etc.

At this rate I'll have to sand it all and start again!

Pic below...
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would suggest you clean the walls first as is looks like a reaction to something on there , oil or damp usually

would suggest you clean the walls first as is looks like a reaction to … would suggest you clean the walls first as is looks like a reaction to something on there , oil or damp usually

Was going to say the same.

What are you painting over
I'm painting over emulsion, which I painted about 3 years ago. I'll give it a wash down before I carry on then. Thanks.
Get some sandpaper and rub it across the wall after you have cleaned it to rough it up a bit
I always had this with 'cheap' paint. Never get it with Dulux on the same walls, never use anything else now.
Get some diluted PVA and wash it over the walls before you do any more. It will seal whatever is behind it causing the reaction.
Nice colour.
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Oh dear. Yes, I would agree that you haven't prepared the surface for painting. A thorough wash down with
sugar soap, then rub down irregularites, then a wash of dilute PVA should put it right.
its because you're using matt over silk (or maybe vice versa i can never remember lol) they have a tendency to react like this
blooming heck ..................................... oil or dampness on walls , using matt over silk , treat with PVA .Never heard so much drivell in all my born days .
New paint .yes ? ...............You stired the paint before using it ..Yes ? Using a standard roller ..Yes?
If you stir the paint as normally recomended you will get air bubbles in the paint . Leave the paint pot for a while to settle before use . Dont use the standard rough/wooly type of roller ..................just use them on rough surfaces ie , blown vinyl , wood chip , textured surfaces . Use a smooth type roller on flat surfaces . You can dampen the roller , do not soak it , before use . you may still get a few bubbles on the wall ,they normally dissapear .
One way to check if your wall are contaminated [which I very much doubt] , pick 2 areas of wall ...............lower corner on one wall & under a window sill for instance and paint a 2 square foot square on the walls ...............................but with a BRUSH and leave to dry . Check when dry .
New paint thats just been stired will gather air , if the paint is reasonably thick this may cause the problem . Thin the paint down with water .........................gradually , of course only do this with water based emulsion . I would put half a cup of water per 5ltrs of emulsion and mix well.

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