Why am I so stupid?

    Over the years, having wasted thousands on cars to get me to work, I finally decided to cut costs. My 07 plate car now sits on the drive with its 1800 engine and horrific depreciation (39mpg at best!) whilst I go to work in an R reg Suzuki Alto! Yes it is not going to harrass the fashion police but it is incredibly reliable (no problems compared to two on my 18 month old vauxhall!) runs on fresh air (51mpg from both of the last two fill ups) and has just sailed thorugh a service and inspection of anything that could possibly go wrong (for just £80!) and only cost me £400! I still get to listen to my favourite CDs and still get to work at the same time. Finally, the best bit - the mechanic offered me £500 for it but i don't want to part with it! I wonder if i should get rid of the vauxhall?

    Anyone else had a similar epiphany?



    I'm advising my partner to get a motorbike.

    Japanese petrol engines are the way by all accounts.

    I drive an R reg Suzuki too, about to hit 100,000 miles and has always been 100% reliable. Only had to shell out for welding the wheel arches, but other than that nothing major to report.

    Loads of space for such a tiny car too, lots of hidden compartments and space for all my gadgets. Fitted a better stereo & amp & shoved in a £1 12v port replicator where the ashtray used to be to power my GPS, iPod, phone, etc.

    I just know I'll miss this little car in the future if I get a new one, I don't think others will ever be quite the same!

    same here - Ive got Honda Shuttle - absolutely love it but it sits in the drive most of the time as I use a little volkswagon polo 1000 cc for everyday use as its so much cheaper, was my daughters learning car and just not worth getting rid of as only £100 yr insurance and cheap tax

    Jap cars all the way, very reliable and chuckable, although I would love your mpg figures, at best I get 29mpg, if I have some fun I get 18mpg!!!.
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