Why am I up at 5.07am? Haven't been to bed yet, and need up for 7.40am tomorrow

    Cant be good for me


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    now 5.21


    just spend the day in bed then as you should be able to get some sleep before tomorrow!

    thankfully I dont have to work anymore so off back to bed now lol

    i'm still up, insomnia is back :-(

    i work nights and have just got in getting tired now

    I got a selfish neighbour who has insomnia and has kept me awake for last 3 hours & messed my sleeping routine up , gonna smack him one if he keeps it up ,already told him a dozen times to shut the f up ....its one thing i cant stand and thats not having at least 8 hours sleep , i cant cope with having less otherwise im in a bad mood all day and im useless.:x

    Just my luck that i have to live near someone who is obviously slighty retarded lol

    If you really want to get some more sleep wouldnt it be wise to switch the pc/laptop off and at least try , i would if i could but my neighbour is a banger , likes slamming doors and having his tv on loud ,grr

    ~Whats more annoying is he shouts at his animals and i can hear it , i mean who the f talks to animals they cant answer back or know what ya on about...yes simple commands but he talks to them as if its another human , its driving me nuts!
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