Why are mens clothing sections.....

Posted 19th Jul 2022
Why are mens clothing sections smaller (in area) in shops e.g. Sainsburys?
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    Less options for men. We have more practical wears and less cuts so less space is required.
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    The OP mentioned shops such as Sainsbury's. The sort of people who buy supermarket clothing are a different demographic to those who shop on asos.
    asos are also an online shop so can offer a huge range to appeal to those who want tight/muscle fit and baggy/oversized fits. Whereas supermarkets will go more for the "standard" or most popular option as they don't want to devote as much space to clothing.

    Also going back to the OP, supermarket clothes shoppers will want clothes to wear, they probably aren't so interested in current fashions. asos are selling to those who are interested in trends.
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    No bloke needs to have to go through that many items to choose what they want, there's also probably 3 million pairs of lasses shoes, they need new ones every week (edited)
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    Women spend more on cloths and treat them as disposable items on average a new dress for a different night out men don’t
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    Thought you were going to say full of women
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    I find it increasingly difficult to find men’s clothing in the men’s clothing section.
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    Another simple reason could be that women wear all the stuff men do (trousers, shorts, jumpers, t-shirts) but also skirts and dresses.
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    Us men are simple. We can wear the same pair of trousers to work everyday. Our jeans are not fashionable like women's and are more hard wearing. We can also wear a pair of jeans for the whole week. Footwerar wise, we men only need a pair of trainers for going out and a pair of shoes for going to work.

    Wer are simple indeed with simple needs.
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    Weekly? Levi's recommend washing them after even more wear...

    Wash them once every 10 wears at most to maintain fit and prevent too much "rebound." Or go even longer and wear them until they smell a little funky. Use a damp cloth or old toothbrush with mild soap to remove small stains instead of washing them. You know the distinct lines and creases you see on your jeans, the ones specific to you? That unique look comes from wearing your jeans for long periods without washing.
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    Why are the fruit and veg USUALLY as you go into the shop, same reason - profit margins.
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    They rot faster
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    Men aren't as gullible as Women when it comes to clothes
    We know what we want, whereas Women can be swayed into buying stuff they don't need.

    Still peeved off that we do get small sections in shops though
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    Because women are easily swayed when it comes to spending on stuff they don't need d.
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    what men's clothing section?
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    When you work in a office with women who complain about what other women wear, you start to understand that they need all the clothes options in the world available everywhere, sometimes maybe in case they need to pop to a supermarket on a lunch break lest they be seen to be wearing the same item as another (witnessed that too) “How dare she wear that white blouse that looks like my cream one on Tuesday” Woman really can be mean about each other, not just in the office too.

    Most of the time us men just buy whatever. We aren’t always as picky, well I suppose some are nowadays in this day and age I guess, I am not down with the youngsters.
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    Because they have to make space for the other genders.
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    because women spend more money on clothes than men so not only are the men's clothes display area smaller in size compared to women's clothing, they are often hidden away upstairs or right at the back of the shop, whereas you see womnen's clothes immediately you walk through the door for clothes store as the major clients are women.

    i would think men's clothing on display will disappear to nothing sooner or later as men are less fussy about clothes fitting right so they tend to buy clothes online more these days as well as men generally don't like going round the shops like women do. (edited)
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    Honestly hardly ever go anywhere to buy cloths, Next online sale buy about 20 pairs of various jeans, T shirts, shorts etc, the rest probably amazon try before you buy, still only get what I need dont need the hassle of returning stuff, if it doesn't fit usually goes in the wash and moves down to one of the boys. If there's a special event the wife will buy what she wants me to wear.
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    The men's sections in shops around here keep on shrinking, a bit like some of their clothing .So we are getting less and less choice. I find it harder and harder to find clothing that fit me, let alone that looks ok, most new shirts and casual tops barely reach my waist, so I've only got to lift my arm slightly, or sit down and they come untucked from my trousers.

    But yeah, there's a lot more profit in the women's dept. Women are more willing to spend a lot more on clothing and buy stuff more frequently, while men are much more likely to wear clothing until it wears out.
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    Because we are an afterthought and nobody cares about us
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