Why are OLED/QLED TVs still very expensive?

Posted 29th Apr
In comparison to UHD TVs which are relatively affordable now.
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Because the technology is a lot further ahead than standard LED
Because when RLED and SLED are available, OLED and QLED will become cheaper.
QLED is overpriced LCD tech (good tech just not worth the extra price compared to OLED)

All "LED" tvs are actually LCD pixels in front, with big LEDs behind.

Only OLED is truly LED pixels upfront (directly visible LEDs) - It is the best tech right now, but not as bright as QLED, as behind the LCD screen of QLED, the LEDs are still courser-grained so emit more light but less accurately than OLED.

The new tech that could take over OLED is MicroLED - brighter LEDs than OLED.
Because the prices haven’t come down much
Saying why are OLED's expensive when compared to a UHD TV is like asking why is a Ferrari expensive when compared to a Dacia.
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QLED is Samsung's top model range, so it's expensive by definition. But the technology it gets it's name from, a quantum dot enhancement film (an alternate way of producing a wide gamut backlight compared to coating LEDs for phosphors), is finding its way into cheaper TVs, although they don't always licence Samsung's QLED branding.

OLED is a completely different and new display technology so it's no surprise that it can't be scaled up in volume and down in price within the space of a couple of years. Prices have dropped substantially though, five years ago the entry level OLED cost £3,500:
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