Why are onestopphone stooping to phonebox/coolnew/mobileoutlet’s level ?

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Found 11th May 2007
I have always liked buying phones from the CPW group and although I prefer carphone and e2save more than onestop, onestop have still been okay after returning the 4th/8th and 12th cashback claiming is too early and then paying on 5th/9th and 13th bill.

Why are they now stooping as low as the other companies with their Price Match banner.

Last week I called about a phone they had on the website and you could only phone the 0800 number to buy it and they were saying we will not give you the same terms as the onestop.
If you miss one, then you will not receive any other cashback later on.

Having looked at their website today, you could now phone the 0800 number and can also buy online too.

I just hope carphone and e2save do not start this too.

Carphone, being a respectable reatailer should ask one stop to put a stop to this My thoughts.

Look forward to reading your views.


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Where have you been in the past year?

Carphone warehouse and its various companies reputations' have sunk in the past year.
Having experienced first hand poor customer service from them, I won't use them again.
I personally never had problems claiming the cashback, but trying to cancel the contract after 12months and they used underhand tactics to try to keep me as a customer, i.e. making it difficult to cancel and even setting up a new agreement without my explicit consent.
Finally after eventually getting my PAC code I made a stupid mistake of getting an orange sim card from them.
It took a lot of phone calls just to get the £10 credit that should have come with the sim card applied to it.
So from my experiences I won't use them again.

Mobiles2YourDoor on the other hand, so far I can find no fault with them.
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