Why are people obsessed with 4G when there isn't much coverage in the UK?

    I would say the majority are running at snail pace 3G.


    4G only works for me outdoors.
    When I'm indoors WiFi is available most places, when I'm outdoors it's too cold even hold my phone.

    No need for 4G for me.

    London where I work and brighton where I live =4G everywhere.

    Marketing by the telecom providers and handset manufacturers...

    Here's a reminder of the Millennial Hype of mobile internet!…sg0

    Jeepers even Belfast has 4G...some job compared to 3G

    I work in Manchester city centre and I'm on Three. I get it in most places, especially outside, full signal.

    Good for tethering for my laptop and also friends who aren't on 4G. Plus my contract has unlimited data so mmwahahaha

    RG1 HAS 4G via ,plus free wifi most places even buses

    I get it at home and work in Derby. Speeds much faster, lower latency so web pages spring up faster. Often upload stuff over 4G instead of wifi as it's 10X faster than my Virgin broadband when it comes to upload speed - around 30mbps vs 3mbps.

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    Thanks for your answers, looks like it's ok in city centres but not so much out in the sticks where I am. My mate lives in Milton Keynes and he say's not a lot of 4G there.

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    Future, move with tech and tech will increase its speed

    I get 4g about half the time I go to use my phone outside. It is really nice to see pages load instantly. This will only get better and from what I've read 4g is a lot cheaper for providers to implement so it may come to you sooner than you think


    I use 4G indoor and outdoor.. This is why. … I use 4G indoor and outdoor.. This is why.

    70ms ping!!!

    your general browsing will be really slow but your downloads is good!


    4g indoor and outdoor for me (london) home and work so good for me!

    4G is brilliant for me in Middlesbrough. Especially on match day down the pub. Scores update instantly whereas my mate with only 3G has to wait an age to get the scores.

    4G has its benefits and certainly a deal breaker for me.

    I bought the bairn an iPhone 5 for Christmas thinking it was 4G, but she is on O2 and I have since found she will not be able to get 4G. I am in a mad rush to find a good iPhone 5C for her and just sell the iPhone 5.
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    i have 4g 99% of time with 3, am happy with speed

    I'm not.

    EE are rip off for 4G and can't wait to get out of my contract (Sep 2015).

    4G is great for me strong signal indoors & out at home in Preston & work in Blackburn

    4G has popped up and started working for me in the last month or two, and it actually works. It's what phone internet should be.

    I live not far from where davzzp works; in Rishton, near Blackburn. I'm on 3 and I get decent 4G in Blackburn, but not at home in Rishton. My phone occasionally gets a short burst of 4G, but it'll disappear just as quickly as it arrives.

    im finding 4g is faster than my work and home wifi so im loving it.

    I get 4g most of the time apparently, I've never had a problem on 3g either, the connection always seems fine (on o2, west mids)
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