Why are Xbox one's on ebay selling for so cheap? £200?!

Found 3rd Mar 2014
Hi, just browsing ebay for an xbox one and noticed that a high percentage of them are going for around the £200 mark? They all dont include power supply, HDMI, kinect, and controller, but even so I was just wondering if anyone knows how they are still going this cheaply? Thanks
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it might be because there's no power supply kinect & controller.
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Think power supplies are quite expensive around £50 for official ones.

it might be because there's nopower supply kinect & controller.

But even so, that would set you back around the £100 mark so its less than £300 in total? And do you know how come so many new ones are being sold at this price? Would you trust them?

Think power supplies are quite expensive around £50 for official ones.

Oh ok thanks. They often link on the auction to a cheap £25 one, but not sure its worth the risk!
does anyone know why they are going so cheap??
Most units that you are finding without the power supply and such are replacement units from Microsoft that people have got by saying their console has broke and they aint sending the original back.
Then they must be idiots because if they're getting replacement units without sending in their original console then they must be using Microsoft's advanced replacement programme which puts a hold of £320ish on their cards until they send the broken one in.

Doubt anyone is selling a Kinect less, controllerless, powerless X1 for any profit like that.
add official power supply £60-80, add kinect £80, add controller £40 and your looking at around 400 quid. You realise your not saving anything.
There are some good bargains on ebay if you look I picked up last weekend a day one edition mint plus play and charge kit ,and disc copy of ryse and forza 5 then booted up the xbox and FIFA 14 and assassins creed black flag and nba all on the hard drive happy days £310 collected
Forza's a top game!
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