Why buy a GTX1070 when you get buy a 980Ti and overclock the soul out of it.

Found 29th Nov 2017
Legit question. You can pick up a 980TI for like £300 used in excellent condition. They overclock like a boss. Recent benchmarks show that when OC'd it beat the 1070Ti!
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Pointless thread without sources.
My 980ti tops out at 1300mhz so no 1070ti performance for me but then again I do have a mini itx case.
Pretty sure an oc 1070 ti smashes a 980ti oc
if you are comparing OCed, you need to OC both,


lower TDP
warranty of a new product
more vram
is a year newer so will probably get better support for an extra 12 months
Overclock like a boss?
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