Why can i not sell ann summers NOVELTY!! items on hukd??

I have a few ann summers items i want to sell (body paint, novelty stress willy, jelly willy, choc boobies pop up willy,) l got them as a funny present from one of my freinds, all sealed etc! , yet am not allowed to as "ascottishbloke "removed my thread saying that i was not allowed to sell age restricted products - ann summers novelty products are NOT age restricted!!! Or am i wrong???
How can dvd's be sold on here then??? eh????!!!

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There is no age verification on this forum, so it's not acceptable for you to sell jelly dildo's and pop up willies to members that may be under age.

It's been explained already to you via PM. Adult related dvd's are also subject to the same rules.

Please ensure you refrain from listing these, or similar, items again.

Thread locked.

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