Why cant i log into my friends American cable app?

Posted 9th Dec 2019
My friend in the states has given me his login for his cable tv package i have downloaded the app on my phone which lets me login and view stuff however when i download the app on my firestick the login button is inactive and doesnt let me select it when i want to log in

the package is called reviews.com/tv-…se/

does anyone know the right place to get the app that will let me ogin. I am using a VPN. i basically just want the app to run on my tv so i can watch stuff on there

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Maybe your cable isn't long enough.
Maybe your cable isn't long enough.
DRM on the firestick? Do you have an android Box to try? Failing that can you cast to the TV from your phone?
no the app doesnt let me cast...ive tried air screen but cant figure out how it works.....whats DRM??
Use a vpn
The firestick doesn't work with all tv viewing apps, For instance Sky go and Now TV works on my tablet & phone but the firestick throws a hissy fit if I try to use them on it after side loading the app.
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Bertz9909/12/2019 10:22

he has also already said he is using a VPN

Sorry I never read that far
I had an issue with my US bank account (used to live there) where they updated a bill payment method using a new system.

Couldn't use it due to being in the UK.

Tried various VPN options and still could not use it, so from my experience, a VPN may not work quite how people think it does.
Try first with an actual app, the fire stick isn’t a good test for this. Run the vpn on your phone for android/iOS and test it with the app on your phone. If that works you probably need android tv or Apple TV to watch it. Maybe try a computer too to rule out they’re not working out you have a VPN.
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