Why can't I purchase Arm & Hammer deodorant in the UK?

    Yes, I know I can get it on eBay, but it costs a fortune in shipping alone. So, why don't Arm & Hammer sell their deodorants in the UK? It seems strange. They don't even reply to emails if I ask them why they don't sell in Britain.…spx

    ... is the sort of thing I'm after.


    I would suspect it's because there is no brand recognition in the UK apart from their dental lines. You could try asking here as they are the distributors for A+H products in the UK.

    That is weird, it is available in Eastern Europe so dint think it is a brand recognition issue. Probably has something in it not allowed by UK standards.

    Isn't that the stuff you clean your sink and teeth with? Does it give you a nice sensation or what lol


    Have you seen the size of that?

    Original Poster

    It's the best deodorant I've ever used by far. Lasts for ages! Will try contacting their UK arm, but I think I've done that already a few years ago to no response.

    I thought id give them a go and bought a 6 pack max strength stick deodrant from for approx 17 quid delivered

    Probably the number of people with teeth in their arm pits is quite low in the UK so don't bother selling here.
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