Why can't recruitment agencies disclose employers details and salary??

Found 27th May 2009
This annoys me ridiculously!

Im looking for work and a lot of jobs on some sites are posted by recruitment agencies but most of the time they do not tell you who the employer is! sometimes it is handy to know this as i might have applied for the role through someone else!
Also it would be nice to know the salary, its not always important and not that detrimental as to whether i apply, i would just like to know!
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they dont show you who it is as the get a percentage of what your wage would be from the company for getting them staff.
so you dont go direct to the company so they get thier fees
thats right, i worked in retail some years ago and they used these methods to recruit! Also it can work out cheaper for a company to recruit in this way. They agency will only pass youre details onto the firm if you have a chance off getting the job!
They are certainly pretty crafty, the last interview I had the agency had edited all my personal contact details out of my CV so the employer couldn't contact me, which included my online portfolio > personally I just find it easier to go direct and enquire whether the various places have any vacancies, the last agency I worked through were paying me just over minimum wage and my boss said they were paying them double that!
There's also the high possibility that the jobs don't exist at all and the agencys are just filling their books up with prospective applicants for the future. It's common practice and it happens all the time.
Ring the Agency up and speak the name at the bottom of the ad. That's what I usually do, and ask for the clients name.
ok i have worked in recruitment for over 10 years and if a company was advertised then a competitor would ring them and get the vacancy on, recruitment is sales and targets and we wouldnt want to give business away, cannot speak for others but your right salary should be advertised as you wouldnt know if it was worth applying for as for agency fees we lcharge the company a % of the annual salary
80% of Agencies are crooks.... Did no one listen to Radio Scotland last week exposing them as crooks...

Taking all your details all of the time, but nothing back in turn...

Then calling a company up telling them they have someone suitable, they then take 60% of you salary !

Con men....


Also remember, you need no licence to start an agency, anyone can start via an advert or webpage...
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