Why cant retailers get TV specs right?!?!

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Found 24th Dec 2010
Im looking for a 42 or 50" tv with full hd and freeview HD
Im not interested in 3DTV etc...
I want something branded LG etc... but as cheap as poss so i can get a blu-ray and surround etc...
every cheap TV i have seen so far advertising freeview HD ends up being a lie and its 'FullHD' but just normal freeview.
Here is an example of something i was just about to buy...


It specifically says FREEVIEW HD but its not!!
I checked LG's website and a few others and its just not, where would you stand if you purchased the TV and then found it not to be FREEVIEW HD like advertised?


Dunno - guess they made a mistake?

There are only 4 channels in HD on freeview
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