why did the free 69 piece toolkit thread get removed?

    anyone know why the thread with the free toolkit set from staples get removed?


    aint got a clue mate was on it there then it just dissapeared

    I dunno, i was reading comments, tried to move on a page and as if by magic it disappeared from under my eyes.

    No sign of it anywhere now.

    Original Poster

    luckily i got a copy of the codes

    I'm guessing since it technically isn't free (but requires a purchase to obviously go with it), it was removed by mods... if not, then I'm guessing a few people pressed spam.

    I asked the OP to re-post as a voucher, as it is not a freebie. He did not do so, then thread went on a bit, I removed, and he has now done so, so you can see it in the deals section.

    You have to be registered as a business (or can prove you are one) to get this promotion.

    toolkit gift code
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