Why do buses say sorry not in service?

    Are they really sorry?


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    The city of the bus fails.

    did you mean like this one ?


    [CENTER](sorry couldn't resist .......... & I know you are usually ''kind'' to me when I mess up too ! ) [/CENTER]

    No they are not sorry. They are laughing at you whilst you stand there looking at it, and laughing even more as they drive around with no-one on, polluting the air you are breathing, which makes them laugh even more.

    Oh yeah your pic isn't showing


    terrible thread, delete this thread and pretend it never happened

    wow, what a waste of my bandwidth


    black gerbil1;2380941

    wow, what a waste of my bandwidth

    No, ]this is a waste of bandwidth :whistling:


    well im not really sure if buses have feelings

    lol no but i dont think the driver do ither

    ]here is a waste of bandwidth.

    hahaha funny thread

    I think its about time we made a change ourselves in the UK...


    The city of the bus fails.

    I hate you.
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