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Why do companies have foreign call centres?

Posted 25th Jul 2008
Not a racist post before anyone starts.

I can't understand how any company thought it would be a good idea to have a call centre in a foreign country, how on earth can you get your point across when they can't understand most of what you say. No offence to them at all, I wouldn't be able to understand someone speaking Indian to me.

I phoned HSBC yesterday and after an hour of trying to make myself understood I finally agreed with the advisor on the things that they would do. I made things very clear and spoke slowly. I checked several times that they understood exactly what I was asking them to do and they agreed that they understood and would ensure that it happened.

This left me with no confidence that the things we agreed on would happen, today I find out that they didn't happen! I have phoned up to find out why and to make my complaint, I have spoken to the manager who has agreed for a £25 credit to be put on my account for the wasted time and call costs. I'm happy with this but it really annoys me that the same thing will just happen next time. I am assuming here that the £25 agreed actually appears!!!

Why can't companies just realise that having foreigners take your calls, particularly when it's to do with money, is just bad news for everyone involved?

Again, please don't turn this into a racist debate. Thank you.
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