why do "free" xbox gold live games show prices? e.g dishonoured, how does this work please?

Found 17th Aug 2014
Having finally used my 12 yr old xbox live free pass to see how my kid got on with xbox gold I subsequently purchased a years subscription, the offers of free games are tantalising, but I cant find any, ..what gives? ..for intance it led me to dishonoured yesterday, but showed a price of £14.99.

what are we doing wrong please?

Also As we have several xboxs, how do I switch between the one upstairs (more hard drive space) & downstairs to store them etc?

cheers, i'm clearly a thicky, but I am cautious as 14.99 etc for a game I wouldn't normally buy would pee me off!
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I'm sure they show as free when logged in xbox gold

you still have to confirm purchase but next to the price bit it shows free
If you've added the paid Live subscription but are still within the free pass period at the moment I think it excludes you from the Games with Gold promo....you only get the free games once you're in the paid period....I think?
If you press buy, it asks you to confirm how much it is and where it will take any potential payment from.
I use the Xbox.com website to redeem the free games so I'm not 100% sure on the Xbox 360 process but, online it tells me the price and it's only when I click buy does it tell me it's free and asks me to confirm.
I assume it's the same on the actual Xbox. - I know when I do buy stuff it always asks me to confirm before I do anything and it should say it's free :).

It is possible to have the games on both Xbox's ie download the game onto both consoles. Is it the old style or slim you have? If it's the older style then it's easier to change the hard drives over. If it's a nearer style, you can technically move games to a USB stick so they're stored on there but, with DRM restrictions it may not be as simple as just moving the USB stick between consoles, so it may be easier if you really wanted a particular game to download it onto both consoles separately (and you could use a USB stick on the 360 with the lower hard drive size).
Thanks all, I get it now, the nipper downloaded it fine to the upstairs xbox (older not so slim units as I recall) I'll dig out a few usbs, & give it a go.

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