Why do fridays always drag !!

    stuck at work , been here for about 3 hours and it seems like 7

    does anyone else find this on a friday?


    yeah usually between 3 & 5

    yep, especially when the weather's crap as it is at the moment where I am....


    Nah not atall... just woke up... sun is out, off in town now to get on the beers and check out the muff

    enjoy your day Keith

    Same here. In since 8.30, and in until 7pm, and it's already dragging.

    8.3 til 5 here :-(

    i got in to work about 8:50, been on here for about 2 hours :whistling:

    Stop clock watching, time seems to slow down when you do.

    "Why do fridays always drag !!"

    ...because it's dress as the oppisite sex day?


    go too fast for me.

    in the pub by 1pm and before I know it, its kicking out time!

    OOOPS! I;m late


    just got up 30 mins ago, might get some beers in :thumbsup:


    just got up 30 mins ago, might get some beers in :thumbsup:

    No way, 30 mins ago. I miss those days, everyday was a weekend...:-(
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