Why do I get blank page each time i follow a link?

    Each time I follow a link I get the "The page cannot be displayed" message from Internet Explorer. Any suggestions? :?


    Do you get it on every link you follow or just some?

    This should take you to one of my HUKDeals page:…ht=

    Does that work?

    Original Poster

    yep - worked fine. First success I've had...

    So is it ones to other websites that don't work? e.g.

    If that works then maybe all the others you tried aren't actually working. Another thought could they be blocked by some software on your PC?

    Some firewall and ad-blocking software will stop some of the affiliate links from HUKD - e.g. commission-junction etc. My HOSTS file is set up to block such sites, so I have to disable it temporarily when browsing HUKD.

    Ive just tried to go to the maplin website via the link on the front page of HUKD and its asking for a user name and password. Whats all that about?

    Misco link should be fine now, as I've just corrected it.

    Dell links if direct to the deal, will work if you visit the dell site first, then come back to click on the link. Otherwise, searching by E-Value Code via QuidCo or [url][/url] Home site will correct the problem.

    The Maplin links are now pointing correctly also.
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