why do i have less orange lights than in my control panel

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Found 15th Feb 2008
i have 9 orange rep lights in my control panel but only 6 are showing under my pic when i post deals and stuff will i get the others added on ? thanks xx


it takes more than one orange rep light to show rep on the 'outside' ie below your pic


The control panel only shows the last 10 reps received, the lights under your name is not one orange circle per one rep received

That sounds like its been cleared up but the "heat/rep bar" under you avatar is based on reputational points recieved whereas in your control panel you will see a orange light for each rep you have been given.

I [SIZE="2"]think[/SIZE] that the row of orange lights on display are representative of the points total. Rep points vary from repper to repper, so the orange blobs in control panel just tell you that the rep is worth some points.:)

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thanks i thought every orange light was one rep point ( shows how much i know ) thanks xx
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