Why do mobile chargers etc. get hot (and consume electricity) when not charging anything?

    Just a quick question as my GF never unplugs her mobile charger and doesnt believe it consumes electric when not charging. I've told her it must be otherwise it wouldn't get warm/hot.

    please tell me I'm right

    Does it consume the same amount of electric as if it were charging the device?

    Off to the pub now in case someone gets upset I don't reply instantly lol


    This is because current is still flowing through the coils that change the voltage down to a lower voltage.

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    Cheers Mate - I will have a beer for you :thumbsup:

    Same electric consumption as charging? I hope not!:x

    It doesnt consume the same amount of electric no, as the charger is still hot when the phone is charging. That said it IS using power to generate the heat and should probably be unplugged if you want to save a few pence per day.

    The heat is nothing to worry about in itself, it is a totally usual thing to happen

    Im appalled at the amount of chargers and stuff i got plugged in doing nothing lol


    Interesting theory here, particularly about the 5 knuckle shuffle

    I agree with most - it does consume, otherwise why would is heat up? That energy has to come from somewhere.
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