why do mods remove listings but dont advise why?

why has the listing been removed? and if it has ehy don't mods send a message to advice why?

it seriously annoys me if thet can remove listings for no apparent reason but can't be bothered explaining why


why use a picture of top gear mag

Original Poster

it magically reappeared lol

but i've has stuff removed with no indication why recently


MODs will PM re a thread if it's MOD spammed - what some members don't realise it that two members can also spam a thread - so please don't assume it's been MOD spammed

The most likely reason for a spammed thread is that it's a duplicate and there are help links in my signature showing how to use the advanced search to double check if a thread is member spammed.

Thanks again.


mods need to take a chill pill

you're pushing away members from this site
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