Why do paypal make everything such hard work?!

    I Just got an email from paypal to say my account had been put on limited access because i had sold michael jackson tickets and they wanted buyers to have a full refund.

    If they had checked my account they would have known i had already done this.

    It also said to email them any details of the transaction so they would give me full access to my account again.

    So i wrote an email explaining all this and i have just had one back from them saying "returned email, please address any queires by logging into your account and using the contact us button"

    You then have a long drwan out process just to email them!!


    There customer service is like talking to a brick wall once you do get through to them. They dont want to listen to what youve got to say.

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    trying to actually phone them is proving even worse.

    After going through thier voice activated menus for about ten minutes i am now in a q of 15 minutes to speak to an agent!




    Some of my favourite ways to describe Paypal /c$

    I feel for you.

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    eventually got through and spoke to one of their moron agents who said my account will stay limited until they have emailed the buyer to see if they are happy with the refund issued, WTF??!!:shock:

    I have used paypal for years, my account has never had a problem and this is how they treat me, i will have to wait possibly weeks while they email and then await for the buyer to email them back.

    meanwhile i can't use my paypal account, which i usually use a lot to pay peopel, bills etc!

    Not happy:x:x
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