Why do people believe PS3 controller copies XBOX 360

    With regards to the middle home button when obviously it was the other way around?


    How was it the other way round?

    The 360 was out first!

    more importantly, who really cares? from the ps3 controllers I've seen there isnt a "home button" anyway its just the same as a ps2 controller without the wire.

    Actually, the button is there - it's just below the centre of the Select and Start buttons.

    The only reason I can see for this thread is that the boomerang controller did have this button but I don't believe its functionality was ever demonstrated.


    Actually Nintendo thinks PS3 copied them, with the whole motion sensor thing

    Does it really matter?

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    How was it the other way round?The 360 was out first!

    PSP was unveiled mid 2004 with the "Home" button concept, but people seem to forget that.

    Question about the PS3 analogue sticks.

    Are they smoother and less "wooly" than the ones on the PS2 ?

    When it comes to first-person shooters (which I love), I started out with the mouse & keyboard controls on PC.
    I then owned a PS2 for a couple of years and could never really get used to to the dual analogue stick controls.

    Howver, after selling my PS2 earlier this year I bought a cheap "classic" Xbox, and the analogue sticks seem so much better and more "rigid" and comfortable than those on the PS2, to the extent that I'm finally enjoying First-person shooters on a console.

    How are the sticks on PS3. Are they a big improvement on the PS2 ?
    Just wondering in case I'm ever tempted by a PS3, assuming the price drops A LOT of course


    PSP was unveiled mid 2004 with the "Home" button concept, but people seem … PSP was unveiled mid 2004 with the "Home" button concept, but people seem to forget that.

    The guide button isn't a home button though, while it does give the option to take you back to the dashboard its primary function is to provide information or give options while a game is running. The PSP wasn't the first with a home button either, the DC had the functionality although its equivalent of the dashboard wasn't too exciting.


    whats this, high school? who cares who copied who? the ones that were copied off should just be happy that they were first with the idea... and that people feel that they need to copy them to compete :P

    true! ^^^^

    But still everyone loves a good arguement :giggle:

    Anyways! The PS3 seem to have copied IMO hence why they delayed the launch, see what the competition has and improve the system blah blah....

    So they copied the Wii and 360! :O ! But the PS3 is actually a good system and the Six Axis is actually quite nice to do, and this from a game of motorstorm which is amazing!!! :w00t:

    But this is comming from someone who has a Xbox 360. lol....will be tempted to buy a PS3 when the price drops, i've heard Blu - Ray gives crisper quality, anyone verify?
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