Why do people EVER invite Jessica Fletcher to stay the weekend??

    She turns up at your house-someone dies-end of story.

    Hasnt anyone worked this out yet?

    She is a jinx!


    well observed..... invite jessica rabbit instead.

    She is secretly the killer. :shock:

    And I'd say invite Rampant Rabbit rather than Jessica Rabbit.

    i think they must want someone dead, so instead of doing it themself, they invite jessica over.


    she came to mine last week .. I kicked the skank out

    im inviting her to mine next weekend, along with my in-laws

    It's a bit like being friends with Jonathan & Jennifer Heart (Heart to Heart).....
    Ooooohh.. now I'm showing my age. lol


    she came to mine last week .. I kicked the skank out

    serious life choice there brah
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