Why do people post one use codes instead of sending them via PM?

    I know its good of anyone passing on a saving to others, I think its great, but it really annoys me when people post the code in the OP, then no one knows if it's been used or who by. There are probably hundreds of thousands of people reading the posts that aren't registered to HUKD, that could use it. That may be fine but isn't it fairer to send it via PM to the first to ask?


    ]Hakuna Matata[]
    Edited by: "Millionvoltage" 17th Jul 2014

    lets face it, if its in the op, then it will be gone within a few minutes if any good. If its PM, then the first to ask might not even use it at the end of the day thus being a waste.

    Probably because they're just looking to offload the code, and it's less faff to just fire it out there.
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