why do places refuse an out of date passport as acceptable iD?

    i dont see the logic?


    I've always wondered if i could


    You obtain your passport at 10 years old and then still use it as ID at 20...chances are you look completely different. So therefore you have to make the rule for everyone despite age.

    my local shop take it i aint taking my recent one out if i lose it theres 100 quid down the drain i dont see the prob in using ur old passport as long as it aint a pic of 20 years ago lol

    I agree - years ago I was flying to Belfast - they wouldnt accept my passport which was only slightly out of date - but the woman told me to go get a photo bus pass and they would accept that. I went to RSMcColl's and got a bus pass lol and that was accepted!
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    because there easy to change the date of birth on....


    because there easy to change the date of birth on....

    okay so in my case - why accept a BUS PASS X) where there is no date of birth!!!! Just my photo!

    actually just checked on Easyjets website (who let me use said bus pass!!) and see its no longer listed. But it now states u can use

    A valid passport - an expired passport can be used up to a maximum of two years after expiry

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    because there easy to change the date of birth on....

    haha ... worst reply in history. as dcx pointed out, theres no difference between that and a VALID passport.

    Would you consume an out-of-date food ? I know what you mean but perhaps it is a way of business (Passport Office) making money lol..
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    I understand your point but once expired it ceases to be a legal form of ID. Sure you could argue even an expired photo ID is more use than say, utility bills, but it will be policy.

    It's in case within the last however many years since it expired you've had that well known operation the 'face off' and are now walking around as someone else.
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